take your broken pieces and make them beautiful again….

Well thus endeth another year, this year has been interesting but the latter part of 2014 was not great…not only because it culminated in a rather painful stay in the Southern General the week before Christmas. Fun times!

It has taken me months to want to write this blog again, because while I write about chairs and interiors, I also write about myself. These two go hand in hand, I cannot write about one without the other. So I couldn’t bring myself to wax lyrical about the joys of upholstery (and believe me when I say, it does bring me joy) when a recently broken heart can feel nothing but hurt.

Whilst I do not deem this an appropriate forum to divulge the hideousness of the initial couple of months, I will write about it the way I know how. Through the use of chairs. Bear with me, it will make sense.

I came to the conclusion that heartbreak has a lot in common with upholstery. You buy a fancy new chair and oh my goodness, do you love that chair. It becomes your favourite thing, stands pride of place in the living room and you build your room around it. Its gorgeous and you love it. No one else gets to use it and you protect it from the advances of everyone, perhaps too much! ( in the case of chairs I mean pets and small children!) Then somehow, without you even noticing it, something changes. You barely see it but the colour of the fabric fades, it becomes just another piece of furniture in the room, damaged and unappreciated. You love it still but cannot imagine a time when you thought it was your most prized possession. Then one day, without warning the chair gives way, the thing you loved so much breaks.

You take a step back and realise that whilst you loved it, it has been neglected and you vow that you must fix it. You feel you must fix all then damage that has been done, you need to. So you strip the chair back, you remove all the damaged parts and see what you are left with. You must find out whether what you have left is worth working with or if it is fundamentally broken. Does what lies underneath have enough structural integrity to be pieced back together? It will never be exactly the same again but by repairing it, you could make something beautiful again, if you want to. You have to hope that something good will come, but recognise that if it is broken and can’t be fixed, why would you hold on to it? You take the broken pieces and do with them what you can. Whether it ever resembles the thing you loved so much remains to be seen, but something different but no less wonderful can come from it. You may discover that you still love it, just not in the same way.

I think that pretty much sums it up. A lot of hurt gives way to hope and general happiness and the notion of new ‘chairs’ catching your eye doesn’t seem so bad… in fact its kind of awesome!

2014 was not great but also the year my gorgeous nephew Isaac James was born. Does life get better than holding a tiny, plump little baby in your arms and knowing you will love him forever? I think not. Roll on 2015. Not a new year, new me but a new year, hopefully slightly happier me doing the job I love.

Happy new year.



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