I have seen the light

So, much is occurring in the world of madebybracken. The Etsy shop is open, yes its not brimming with goods right now but I am a firm believer in just doing things even when you are scared they will fail..ha, who am I kidding? I am the worst for that! I am a right scaredy c(K)at! However if the past couple of weeks have taught me anything its that you actually have to try and work on things before you know you have failed! So go and take a peek, only 2 cushions there just now but they are awesome believe me, I made them! http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/madebybracken

Here is a wee peek at the cushions for you…






Sitting with a pile of cushions that I love and keep being told other people like but not actually making any attempt to sell them is slightly a self fulfilling prophecy. I am scared they won’t sell & they never do coz they are sitting on a shelf in my house!

I am also a perfectionist so I thought that my iPhone pics just weren’t up to the mark and thus talked myself out of putting them up. Yes the pics aren’t great, but the cushions are!

Thank goodness for seeing the light. I have had few realisations about myself in the past little while and let me tell you, I didn’t like what I saw.

I love upholstery, I love my cushions, I love making things, I like being busy. Yet I convinced myself I couldn’t do it. I have that rather nasty habit. A mirror has been held up to me and my self sabotaging ways though and no more.

So in the interests of actively pursuing that which I love, I finally completed my website. The thing I spent so long on due to procrastination and self doubt. I actually think it looks rather lovely! You will find it at http://www.madebybracken.com

Obviously I am based in Scotland but even if you aren’t from here, take a gander at it, I think the more people that look, the more Google recognises it or something like that..not a clue. Computer illiterate!

Anyway, I have also signed myself up for the Handmade Show in Perth in November so I shall be selling my wares then too. Best get on with making more really.

til next time,

madebybracken x



2 thoughts on “I have seen the light

  1. Both sites look really fantastic – and I think your etsy photos are great! Have you thought of selling the cushion covers loose as well? I think quite a lot of textile artists do this, and I have quite often bought a cover for a tired cushion I have at home. Double your listings in one fell swoop! Good luck with it all – and see you in Perth!

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