Down to business

It’s been sometime now since I last wrote a blog post, about 6 weeks! Where is the time going? I tend to like to write only when I feel I have lots to say, so as you can tell I was stumped for rather a long time. Actually that’s not entirely true, I have just been rather busy…working. Oh yes people, actual upholstery related working. I have registered as sole trader of my wee madebybracken, have been frantically working on my website and have been doing actual chairs for actual paying people!
If you have liked my page on Facebook or found this through Twitter you will be forgiven for thinking this is what I have been doing all along but I was primarily focused on passing my course and learning as much as I could. Having passed and now feeling marginally more confident, I am here and I mean business.

Oh yes and I became Auntie Kat to my gorgeous, perfect & beautiful nephew, Isaac James.

I also had this rather gorgeous bespoke stamp made for me which I will use as my letter head, on cushion pricing labels and maybe even stamp into my chairs so in the future, the next person to strip my chairs can look me up and marvel at the wonderful job I did!!


stamp by Hunter&Co, Etsy

And it was all going so swimmingly until Otto, the extremely large and powerful family pet, took me for a wee turn down the stairs and pulled my fingers back with his lead. Not his fault he weighs over 10 stone and my fingers tend to snap like twigs! Fortunately this time the fingers aren’t broken but potentially damaged the voler plate which holds your knuckle joint. Needless to say really rather painful, didn’t hold me back from bowling at my sisters birthday though..I used my left hand and rather embarrassingly, the metal slide that kiddies use.
Back to upholstery though and this week I have this little number to work on.

newest project

newest project

This little gem was discovered at the rather wonderful furniture shop in Glasgow near where I live. They literally have furniture in piles and piles and you have to climb up and over things to get to see the piece you want. The chair is such a nice shape and my client ( saying that!) would like a cosy seat that she can curl up with a book in. Her fabric preference, floral. Marvellous because I do love me some flowers! It has been interesting stripping as it stank to high heaven and uses something I haven’t seen before, a spring unit in the back. Plus it has a very interesting shape. Also the fabric has been stitched together and then tacked on and I have taken about 3 million pics because they appear to be put on in a rather complex manner.


sprung unit with horsehair

stripped unit

stripped unit

teeny tiny wings which aren't used as wings at all..strange

teeny tiny wings which aren’t used as wings at all..strange

I also found 3 half pennies dating from 1971-1981 which I reckon dates this chair from around mid-60s….this is a guess, if anyone knows then let me know!

1971, 1/2 penny

1971, 1/2 penny

I am pretty excited about this chair and making it look as beautiful as I can. I reckon it will look pretty gorgeous when I’m done.

In the meantime and while my hand heals, I am going to complete my website and write my own guide to antique chairs. Very sad, I know, if you have no interest in chairs, hugely rewarding if you do!

my research..exciting times!

my research..exciting times!

til next time, which will be much sooner.

madebybracken x


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