Level 3…done!

Its the end of an era, the dawning of a new age..blah blah..in short I have finished Level 3. No mark yet as we are still awaiting the examiner who I believe may have been marking my chairs and project and portfolio and t cushion today! Scary stuff. Lets just say I am not overly confident. Not because my chairs don’t look good because well, they do, but because it just seemed so much harder this year. I know, its Level 3 its obviously going to be more difficult but there is an expectation put upon you after having achieved a great mark last year that I didn’t feel fully qualified to live up to. I completed a button back chair as my exam piece. It was hard. Now who in their right mind does something for the very first time to be marked in an exam that decides our fate? From that point of view it becomes hard to believe that I can have achieved the highest standards that I set myself, let alone the AMUSF.

However the chair does look rather marvellous (she says modestly!). The hope is to sell both of them because I have literally a million chairs requiring my attention and having just been told we need to move out of our rather fabulous and huge flat, we have no room. The flat moving is a story for another day. Suffice to say I am angry and upset. We will leave it there.

So to the chairs, well here you go… the before on this rather dashing little tv/nursing chair. Cute little seat but sadly lacking in any sort of personality or individuality.

mustard velvet with fringing…hmmmThis was to be our creative piece and to be reupholstered using modern methods. I decided to make a little ‘madebybracken’ chair ,as you do, and used my own fabric and Morlich tartan woolcreate a unique and individual chair. 20140617-174134-63694128.jpgSlightly different I hope you will agree. ( the small postcard greeting you is my creative inspiration written for the examiner to see).

20140617-174131-63691673.jpgFor a point of difference and uniqueness on my wee chair I also added one of my cushion labels, after all it was the designs I did for my cushions that inspired this chair. I hope you like!

Next up, the bad boy button back, although to be fair we would probably have to say its a girl now! This is it in its original state without a feather cushion pad.

20140617-173951-63591769.jpgPerfectly pleasant but I had big plans for this chair. I fell in love with Jessica Zoob and her art work and imagine my delight when she teams up with Romo and prints her work on velvet. A dream come true. I wanted this chair to be bold and beautiful and the perfect squishy, boudoir chair. I hope I have achieved this. It was hard work but I think, I hope, worth it.


This is the pair of them together. They are both for sale and looking for a good home!I would love to know what you think, so leave me a comment or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

I mentioned briefly last time my new cushions, waiting for them to be printed and have the backing fabric ready and then I will reveal. So excited about these ones, not that I don’t love my originals but they are perhaps more traditional that I myself would necessarily have in my house. We shall see.

til next time,

madebybracken x

ps. While I attempt to create a website, this blog my stand in. I haven’t quite decided where, how or even if I can make one myself. Watch this space. x


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