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Finally I am writing a blog and boy does it feel good to be back! Basically I went away on a lovely holiday and then came back and something/someone managed to smash my entire iPad screen. My iPad being my favoured blog writing device. My laptop annoys me and the house computer, I just don’t understand how to work properly. Getting my iPad fixed was one of those things I kept putting off because it is so ridiculously expensive and I didn’t want to pay for it. A really pointless waste of time procrastinating about it because no matter when I did it, it would cost the same. Needless to say Paddy (the iPad) is now fixed and raring to go. Perhaps more so than I am.

We are nearing the end of our Level 3 course and thus real life and business beckons, oh dear me. This level has been challenging not least because of the slight issues I have had with the chair fabric. Long story short I fell in love with a gorgeous fabric from Romo. Tis a velvet with Jessica Zoob’s impressionist art work on it and I love it. I was meant to get it for trade price, something occurred and I didn’t and I ran out of time and had to buy it at retail. Oh my. Not good, doubly not good when you buy too little fabric and have to buy another metre. Ooops. I say oops jokingly now because if I don’t laugh about it, I will cry. I will weep buckets because this is not the only money I have had to fork out for this chair, I have a different fabric for the back, a feather cushion pad and obviously I had to purchase the chair in the first place. I have just done my monthly outgoings and lets just say, next month will be a lean one in my household.

On the plus side, the fabric is fabulous and I am hoping it will look amazing. It will be for sale so keep your eyes peeled for its reveal on my Facebook and Twitter and of course on here. The main aim with this chair is to use the Jessica Zoob velvet for the chair seat and cushion pad and use a cerise velvet for the piping and the back of the chair. This is still the plan and got me thinking about how effective a chair upholstered with two fabrics can be. So I did some research and found ones I love and thought I would share with you.

George Interior design

George Interior design

I love the way you could walk into this room and think they were plain white dining room chairs but then the dark blue hits you and suddenly the room is so much more interesting and alive. This room has a slight beachy, nautical feel to it and the dark navy of the chairs adds a welcome contrast to the pale creams and whites of the room.

The Cross Design, Laneway House

The Cross Design, Laneway House

This is a perfect combination of girly and chic to me! If it had been covered entirely in the black floral fabric it would have had a completely different look and added a darker, dramatic look to the room. As it is the pink stops it from looking oppressive and heavy and picking out the pink tone from the floral border creates a sweet and soft look without being overly saccharine!

Whitney Lyons

Whitney Lyons

In the interests of honesty I have to say I actually don’t really like these, so why include them? Well I admire the craft and the concept. These chairs were ready for the skip but were lovingly reupholstered using material from old jeans and coffee bean sacks. To achieve such well executed fluting and a chair which looks expensive and well made is not to be sniffed at. Just because I wouldn’t buy them doesn’t mean they aren’t a thing of beauty!


Bosphorus Wing, namedesignstudio

This on the other hand I love. Such an elegant looking seat which I can imagine in a very plush, expensive hotel lobby. The dark of the velvet perfectly frames the scene on the back and the muted tones, of what looks like a painting printed onto silk fabric, add a certain calm and serenity to this sofa although it depicts a bustling river scene. Gorgeous.

Meriwether Design Group

Meriwether Design Group

Another favourite where the chair is saved from looking overly chintzy by the grey on the back and the border. The orange detailing coupled with the white and grey keeps this chair looking fresh and inviting and the stud detailing adds a harder edge to this floral chair.  A contrast that really works.

Erdreich Architecture P.C

Erdreich Architecture P.C

I love this chair. I love the fact that the contrast, patterned fabric runs down the centre of the chair and really pulls the eye in. This makes it inviting and striking at the same time and the cream fabric used in the rest of this wing back allow it to sit perfectly in this rather sumptuous room.

Another wing back but this time the contrasting fabric runs around the outside of the chair. This chair looks so cosy and inviting with the huge wings for privacy, the plump feather cushion and the soft corduroy fabric. This is the practical side of the chair while the outside provides the decorative edge. Once again the large floral print is counteracted with the studs to great effect.


Ikat, namedesignstudio

This couch is fabulous! It is neatly saved from being possibly too loud and in your face by the contrast fabric, this time on the seat. This allows the pattern to be broken up and creates a focal point for the chair, while neatly framing the exciting pattern on the back. I also like the way the blue has been used for the seat and red piping used around the couch. Notice also the way the fabric has been brought down onto the chair leg..I like this and may steal this idea for one of my own chairs!

Calico, Myriad Fabric Collection

Calico, Myriad Fabric Collection

In a similar vein as the first picture, this dining table arrangement has 3 different fabrics at play! I like the combination of plain fabric, stripes and floral. At one point it would have been unthinkable to put such contrasting fabrics together but with the correct colour coordination running through the scheme its looks great. I like to think (although obviously I can’t see) that both the end chairs are the same and the four in the middle are striped. This would be the most elegant and effective use for this room.

Gobelin armchair by namedesignstudio

Gobelin armchair, namedesignstudio

I have saved my favourite for last. I just love this and I don’t know why. Possibly because it looks cute and comfy. Or because I love velvet and florals and the break up of the pattern and the contrast piping….oh and the way the colours from the flowers on the back have been perfectly picked out in the chair colour and the bright chair legs. Yes thats probably why I love it.

For more of my favourite chairs, check out my Pinterest board ‘chairs I love’. I am constantly updating and sourcing inspiration for my blog.

I hope to chat about my new cushions in my next blog, yep I have changed my direction a bit on those and about the newly formed Scottish Chair Collective that I am excited to be part of. As we hurtle towards the finish line of our course we haven’t much posted yet but feel free to check out our Twitter @Scottishchairs and our Facebook page, Scottish Chair Collective.

Till next time,

madebybracken x


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