the (interior)freak in me!

If you are an interior design geek like me, then you may well hoard all your house magazines in a massive pile that you will probably never look at again but cannot bear to be parted with. I have a pile of miscellaneous interior magazines and an entire woollen bag type thing full of Living etc…with whom I have a subscription and literally never throw away.
It is bizarre to me that I won’t throw them out, I pretty much always cut out the pictures or articles that inspire me and then leave the tattered magazine in its pile. Weird.

This is that woollen bag, full to the brim with magazines. My subscription runs out in November if anyone fancies purchasing a new one for me….no?no takers?!
Anyway my point is that whilst clearing out my ‘madebybracken’ notebook I chanced upon the literally hundreds of picture I have removed from my house magazines because I liked them so much. I thought since I was thoroughly depressing last blog, I would lighten the mood by sharing some of my favourites with you. I have also just realised my tragicness (is that even a word?) knows no bounds as I have in fact labelled my scraps, one folder is called bathroom and florals…what a strange combo! I digress as ever. I also discovered a list I wrote probably around 3 years ago about all the things I love. Interior design wise I mean, don’t worry I won’t write a blog about my love of gherkins..which incidentally I gave up for lent and can’t stop dreaming of. Oh and I’m off again…basically it is a list that I think I will work my way through and blog about each one of them. I have written about a few of them already such as tartan, florals and scandi chic but there is a whole host of other delights to look forward to!
Now back to those scraps. Be warned, these are not high quality pictures as they are my photos of a photo. Also apologies for lack of photo credit but many of them I just tore out with gay abandon!
So to the picture that started it all, this chair. I wanted to recreate this chair and so took an evening class in upholstery, asked Santa for this type of fabric and look where we are now!!
photo 1-2
I still love this chair, though my version has had its buttons pulled off by some misbehaving cats.

photo 2-2

I actually can’t remember ripping this out but I am glad I did. There is something very girly about the room, with the tutu-esque look of the light fitting and the lacy throw but saved by the industrial metal bedside side table, the geometric (though still pretty) wallpaper and the mustard rug.

photo 4

Did I mention I love subway tiles?!!! I love the classic style of this bathroom and am seriously into floor to ceiling tiling in a bathroom.. though from personal experience they tend to attract dust…why is this?! answers on a postcard please.

photo 4-2

From one bathroom to another, this time in love with the tiles (obviously) but also the mirror. My parents have a similar one hanging in my sisters section of our old shared bedroom. When I have bought my own flat, I am stealing it.

photo 2

I do love a good hallway. A good scandi, beachy hallway in a glorious shade of grey with the dream console table. Yes I do literally dream of console tables. Perfect storage, perfect colour, perfect.

photo 3-2

Now with this picture you can probably see my reasons for loving white. Such a perfect backdrop to the glorious and sumptuous cerise velvet, the vintage style florals and the art work on the floating shelves. Yummy!

photo 5

Possibly not every ones dream kitchen but I live in an attic flat and I love the sloping ceilings and cosiness of it all. This galley kitchen has it all, wooden floors, the huge oven, sloping ceilings and leads on to a beautiful garden. Dreamy.

photo 5-2

Last but not least this picture. Spring has sprung and across my road I can see the blossom coming out. Its beautiful and inspiring and reminds me that while I may feel slightly down cast at the moment, summer is coming and with it, endless possibility!

On that slightly cringe yet upbeat note, I bid you good evening.

til next time,

madebybracken x


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