A crushing blow, part two!

Yesterday and today is one of those days when I feel it might be perfectly acceptable to lie under a mound of blankets and feel sorry for oneself. I was saving this post for this week because I wanted to be finished the chaise…which I am. This is today’s good news. I other news I awoke to a hideously sore throat, headache and constant sneezing. This bears no relevance to anything other than to serve as another reason why today is a big pile of rubbish and should disappear pronto. My common cold complaint for is possibly magnifying how crap I feel about myself having received word that my application for a bursary has been rejected. I am aware loads of people get turned down but it stings a little when I spent such a long time preparing my application and had all but convinced myself I should get it. Stupid I know but when you really really need something it becomes inconceivable that other people might not agree on your worthiness. Suffice to say I am gutted.
Might hurt even more when I review the list of successful candidates, last year a poet was awarded £15,000. Yep I am well aware I sound bitter but seriously, what does poet need £15,000 for other than to fund actual living expenses?! Well anyway,that has made this post entirely non triumphant even though the chaise is complete!!!!
I am very proud of myself. Perhaps not today when I feel like a total failure but completing the chaise was a challenge and one which finally completed. It has been sitting in my space room for a looooonnnng time. I was scared of it. It sat there awhile and I removed some of the existing upholstery and then panicked because I knew I wasn’t ready for such a huge project. So it sat there some more, staring at me every time I walked into the spare room, tormenting me with its scroll arm, of which I have only ever done one, and the frightening array of cuts I knew I’d have to make in every layer of fabric that went on. It wasn’t until this year really that I felt ready to take it on. And it was hard. I have literally done so many new, tricky techniques that it really does feel strange to see it sitting there so beautifully finished and knowing that I did it all…with no help.
So here it is in in former state, it belongs to my parents who have 3 cats that like to scratch furniture hence the reason the arm is shredded.

This is the couch now. I am thrilled. Those of you who follow me on twitter and facebook will have seen this pic already but I have since covered the couch to protect it and so this is the only one I have until it is in situ in my parents house. It has been covered in Ada and Ina 100% linen, ‘Astrid’, I think it is called. Not sure how long it will last as my mum and dad also own a very large and bouncy bloodhound who will love to climb all over it.

Today because I am feeling rather sorry for myself, I am going to attempt to cover this little sewing box. Belonging to my Aunt May, she allowed us to keep some of her belongings when she moved into a home in Edinburgh and I got this box. Hoping this it is simple enough to tackle in my current frame of mind as I really feel like throwing things at walls…or the people who decided my bursary fate. I think this would be frowned upon and thus I will channel my rage into something beautiful!! That is until it looks too hard to complete and I have a teary meltdown!!20140401-102024.jpg
I must apologise for this less than positive post, this has been a bit of a setback but 'chin up' and onwards I march…to upholstery glory and beyond!!

til next time,
madebybracken x


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