Wallpaper and paint and tiles, oh my!!

This week seems to have been an exercise in ineptitude, not from my good self (obviously!) but others. As I may have mentioned before we have a large hole in the plaster in our main bedroom and in the living room, water likes to stream from the ceiling onto the carpet, oh yes and onto the printer which it broke. It being a piece of electrical equipment and all. This was reported to our letting agents around 4 months ago, yep way back there in 2013 and they came round, took a couple of iPhone pics and we heard nothing more. Until I was informed this week they were going to replace the living room carpet and re-plaster and repaint both rooms. Marvellous I thought.. until I then had to spend 3 days in my flat waiting for workmen who turn up basically when they feel like it, oh and one who didn’t turn up at all because he ‘forgot’. Yep my time clearly means nothing. Extremely frustrating because while its good to get the work done, finally, I fear this is a sign of things to come and that I will be living in a decorating hell for the next month. The letting agent helpfully told me to go on holiday…yes thats right we will just jet off on a whim just because you finally got your arse in gear. Annoying doesn’t cover it.

It is also annoying because I obviously get no say in what goes on the floor or on the walls. This is why I hate renting. It also got me thinking about all the things I would love to see on the walls, all the amazing wallpapers and things you can do and this blog post was born. I think I have wittered on about my love of wallpaper a million times but today I will share with you some of my favourites. Not just wallpaper, oh no. You are in for a treat!


Now the plate on wall phenomenon is nothing new but I just love the way this one has been done. I once visited a house where every possible wall surface was covered in plates featuring either a teddy or the face of Jesus. It was slightly terrifying and put me off the idea entirely. In fact I am generally not convinced by it, seeming slightly dated to me. This has been done beautifully though, the shape, colours and size difference all adding visual interest to an often overlooked area of the home, the hall.


I think this is just gorgeous. I have often thought I would like wallpaper in my dream kitchen but I am also a clean freak so would like tiling round the cooking and sink area. This offers the best of both worlds and by using white tiling, any colour of wallpaper or paint could be put above. Just perfect.


This has also been done to great effect in this bathroom. The red bath, white tiles and stunning red and white wallpaper creates a cohesive, unique and practical space.


On the subject of tiles, my style favourite of the month, the subway tile. I just love them. As you may recall I love grey and white…look at this bathroom, like someone brought my imaginings to life!


Let’s not forget the navy subway tile, so chic, classy and timeless.


Those of you with an eagle eye may well recognise this designer from my floral post. I am obsessed by Suzy Hoodless designs. Striking and colourful, the wallpaper can be brought out as a focal point yet has a soft enough palette to be played down with fixtures and furnishings.


Another great example of a gorgeous wallpaper, this time used to great effect in a nursery. This room still looks like a baby should sleep there but will remain timeless without the need for a decorator when the child tires of a parade of animals, clowns or rainbows!


If you, like me, live in a rented flat then decals or sticky-on things(not a technical term) are the way forward. A simple white nursery is enlivend with the use of a blossom decal. Cheap and effective way of changing the room without having to get permission to repaint or damaging the walls.


Had to include this wallpaper because I love it. Erica Wakerly. Check out her website. Bold geometric prints which look amazing!


Taken from Pinterest but uploaded by a blogger called Bold & Bright, this is a perfect idea for what to do if you want bright, flowery wallpaper and your boyfriend/any other companion type, does not. Inoffensively on the side of the drawer so you get a wee ‘wow’ moment every time you go for some socks, and they don’t have to look at it!


Last but by no means least, love this idea. Again, white with a splash of colour and interest. Perfect idea.

That’s all for this week. My compressor hose broke so I have no chaise pictures….I’m guessing most who read this with any regularity will think there is no chaise longue such is the saga surrounding it. I will complete it. Evidence to be provided next week!

Til next time,

madebybracken x

ps. I saw a Twitter debate rage regarding credit for photos and saying crediting Pinterest is not good enough. The photos on here are not mine, where possible I have included the details on the photo as they come from Houzz. This is not always possible on Pinterest where I pin from someone else board. I will always try!


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