Paris, je t’aime

So I begin this blog feeling full of hope about the coming days. How refreshingly unlike me. The reason for this transformation, well for one thing…sleep. I have actually had some. Myself and my male companion took ourselves to Paris for the weekend. Having never been on holiday alone together after 6 years, this was rather novel. The slight disappointment of not being able to get internet in my room was short lived. The sweet sweet joy of not being able to look at Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram etc meant that I had to sleep at night. I couldnt feed my insomniac ways by flicking through some randoms holidays pics from 2006! I dont really do that…well erm not often!
I am also full of joy because I can finally get back to writing this blog. Too much of my time in the recent past has been spent doing my project for Level 3. A friend on my course says she likes to call it a dissertation because calling it a project really demeans the mammoth task we are set. The title being ‘The History of Upholstery Textiles and Hide’, its apparently not meant to be ‘heavy duty wordy’- the exact words, I kid you not! Pray tell me how you can write about the entire history of natural and synthetic textiles without getting just a tad ‘wordy’??!!
I struggle,as you have probably guessed, not to want to write down everything I know. I am just so much better at the written word than actually talking to people that it takes a lot of self control not to just word vomit over everything. What an image for you! Seriously though, I once went on a date (not current beau!) where he made me converse only through the written word. Yes a tad weird but I wasnt that bothered. Quite enjoyed it really. Such is my love of writing..that or I thought it would make a good story one day! However this is where I ran into problems with the project. How to cut down literally thousands of years of history into only 70 pages of A4…well I did it, its done. I’m a happy Kat.
Running with this theme I divert your attention back to Paris. It was wonderful and I managed to go to the museum of fashion and textiles which just happens to have a ruddy marvellous array of chairs. Last years project/dissertation was on 20th Century Furniture Design and focussed largely on chairs, obviously. Imagine my delight when I see pretty much most of the chairs I lovingly wrote about in the flesh. I managed to take some photos which I will share with you. The are not the best because a)i was trying to be sly, apparently you are allowed to take pics but wasnt too sure b)we kept getting lost and were followed round by a guard who clearly thought we were up to something and c)i was trying to be quick. The boyfriend has a limited interest in chairs and what with the getting lost etc, lets just say he wasnt keen on hanging around!

Those are just some random ones that I saw and liked. Then there was the ones I had learned and written about such as this ’embryo chair’ by Mark Newson. Characterized by flowing smooth lines and the absence of edges this chair brought him to prominence in the late 1980s.

It’s pink, what’s not to love!?

This is amazing take on the chaise longue designed by Ron Arad, an Israeli born designer best known for innovative style and constant curiosity of new materials. Love it.

Another example of his work, this time a reinterpretation of the upholstered armchair.

Going back in time a little I was completely beyond thrilled to see my favourite chair ever. I love this chair by Alessandro Mendini. I want this chair. Classic example of post-modernist ideals, seemingly imitating and yet trivializing the Baroque and Impressionists style!



This is what I had been looking for…a whole pile of iconic chairs. Just amazing. Including chairs by Gehry, Eames, Aarnio, Panton, Jacobsen and Saarinen. Chair heaven. It was great. I wish I had more time there and I will definitely be back. One last one to leave you with, I don’t know who made it, designed it or even when it’s from but I loved the fabric. It’s blue, and pink and flowery. Oh and birdy! The dream.

I tell a lie, that wasn’t the last one, this one is. I saw this and I want to do this to a dining room chair. It looks gorgeous and sumptuous!


Til next time.

madebybracken x


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