Scandi chic

Welcome, welcome to a blog which celebrates that most glorious of colours, white. White is playing a huge role in this post because today is scandi week…yay..and also the week where I yet again bemoan the fact I have a rented flat. White has become even more highly saught after in my mind due to the huge array of hideous shades of it all over my flat. Let me lead you,if I may, through my flat. Front door is white-ish, you enter the hall and all the walls are white. What is the problem then you may well ask…well look again and you will see that every shade of white is mismatching and most bordering on the greying side. The walls are off white, the ceiling bright white, the shutters are a slightly hideous shade of grey/white and one wall a sort of weak yellowish shade of white. Super! All topped off with a generous helping of scuff marks from the previous tenants. Going up the stairs yet more black scuff marks greet you until you enter the spare room, two white walls and two peach. Yes peach. Horrible. Our bedroom continues the yellowing white theme and then the piece de resistance, the living room. A beautiful big room with peach (hmmm think there is a pattern developing here), worn down to the ground, carpet and white walls. White with huge dark patches caused by a build up of soot behind the wall. Don’t get me wrong my flat could be gorgeous. I would snap up if a)it was for sale and b)I could ever afford it but something went terribly wrong during the paint stages!

So why am I so obsessed with this colour and therefore with Scandinavian design. Well white is the perfect back drop for all other colours, allows for clean lines and a crisp look that can be warmed up through the use of texture and accent colours. Colours are often added in the accessories and having white walls allows for the most daring and unusual colour combinations to stand together because they aren’t all competing with fussy colour combinations on the walls. I personally love it because it allows all the things I love to be framed to perfection. Scandinavian design is all about light, clean design, texture, accent colours and an eclectic mix of styles, all of which are accentuated by the white of the walls and often the flooring. Although many could claim it is a cold colour, white can often be the backdrop for some of the most cosy, warm and inviting interiors. Counteracting the cool, almost harsh look of a bright white room is imperative for this look, so splashes of colour, cosy upholstered furniture and fireplaces all feature heavily.


This room is a classic example of this. Featuring Asian influenced artifacts and textiles this room could have an entirely different feel to it had the walls been painted with colour. As it stands this room has a Scandinavian look and feel with the white of walls and floors, the large natural wood coffee table, the excess of texture and colour found in the cushions and the large, almost industrial look of the oversized table lamp.


Thought I’d pop the upholstered chair in early this week! Classic example of Scandinavian design with clean lines and muted tones. The giveaway though being the emphasis on the wood of the chair, even in an upholstered piece like this the natural wood is still king!


Purely sentimental from my part, love this photo so much because my mum has one of these Swedish Dala horses in the living room at my family home and this reminds me of it. My mum is most influential person for me in terms of my love of interiors. She is absolutely fearless in her decoration of rooms and has made each room in the house unique and beautiful, effortlessly pulling together antique and new furniture, colour, lighting and texture. All while trying to prevent a 1year old bloodhound pup from destroying it all!


This is a gorgeous example of the colour and texture added to the white schemes to create a cosy and inviting space. Scandanavian designs often feature cowhides which can be seen on the flooring and on the chair. Quite a wintery look but one that looks chic all year round.


A bedroom now, and the white of the walls and floor are enlivened by the use of the blue throw and the dark wood of the side table. Although clearly just an item of clothing, the splash of orange also adds interest and colour to the room, orange cushions or a throw would be perfect in this room.


Love these ‘tube’ chairs from Danish design group KiBiSi. Perfect example of clean lines and functionality combined with style and beauty. Natural wood and the white paint wouldn’t look out of place in any Scandinavian home…ooh I’m imaging one with maybe a chunky grey knit throw tossed over it. Amazing.


On that note, just a random pic of grey fabric and throw material. Purely because they would look gorgeous in my dream scandi chic home!

I have a million more pics I would love to share, but for now that’s my thoughts on white. Next time, chaise progress….well I hope. That or wallpaper!

Til then,

madebybracken x

(All pics from Pinterest or Houzz!)


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