Help ma’s tartan week!

One of the few perks of being ill is that I can write this from the comfort of my bed in a slightly disheveled and pyjama wearing state. However this also means that for the past few days I have either been looking after a sickly young man in the form of my boyfriend or lying in a grotty state myself and haven’t achieved what I set out to achieve. This being the redecoration of my flat, starting with the hall, and the completion of my chaise longue. The chaise longue has been put off because I need a compressor and staple gun and I need one now. I want to buy a good quality one so looked on a reputable upholstery suppliers websites with whom I have a trade account. Now correct me if I’m wrong but when they offer a trade account with trade discounts, I would usually expect to save money on what I am buying. Not so it would appear. I added my items to the cart and the total was actually more to buy with a trade account than with retail. Am I missing something?what is the point of that?! Granted it was a pound more but still…what is the point of putting a trade price on the website if actually you pay the same as everyone else? I am sure there is a reason but could someone please explain it to me?!
So that is why I have no triumphant pics of my completed chaise longue to show but I do have some pics of my next interior ‘trend’…drumroll please……tartan.
Upon reading this you possibly thought, maybe even hoped I’d forgotten about it. No such luck. Now why am I acting like tartan is a bad thing when I quite clearly think it’s the bees knees! Well I know it has slightly cliched connotations of Scottish people bounding across Ben Nevis, searching for haggis, downing a pint of whisky and roaring about how no one can take our freedom. For me though, it is beautiful and patriotic and I get quite, not exactly emotional but full of pride at the sight of my little sister dancing in the Edinburgh tattoo, men in kilts at a Scottish wedding, the piles of tartan fabric at the Islay woollen mill we visit every year…I could go on. It represents to me comfort and cosyness and reminds me of home. Wow, that was a little clichéd and yet true. Quite a difficult one to get right in the home though. Worse case scenario you end up looking like you tried to create a hunting lodge in your 2 bed flat in Glasgow. Not a good look. Like all statement pieces or designs you can go all out a dominate the room with it or you can use it to add a small point of difference, add texture and colour to the room. How you use it is entirely up to you but here’s how I would love to.


Erm…. yeh so this kind of looks like a hunting lodge but isn’t it amazing! Gorgeous wood, fur (let’s hope it’s fake!) throws, and tartan cushions. The epitome of cosy, tartan chic.


This is what I mean by adding texture and colour to the room. The beautiful fireplace makes this room look cosy but the pale green walls could be considered cold if the colour wasn’t picked up in the woollen tartan cushion. Just makes the the room seems warm and inviting.


Time for some full on tartan wallpaper. Most people,myself included, would recoil at the idea of tartan wallpaper, yet this works. Now feature walls are quite common and I perhaps wouldn’t use this in my living room or on a huge expanse of wall but this totally works. Obviously they have placed the most obvious selling point in huge letters on the wall but the combination of the bed, the chunky knitted throw and the warm colours of the wallpaper makes this room tartan perfection!


For those people who want a hint of tartan but without going over the top. These lampshades above this table not only add colour to the scene but soften the look and add a Scottish feel…without the stags head!


Now would my blog be complete without the obligatory chair picture? I thought not! I love the blue, love the tartan, love the chair.


This is just a picture of scarfs included because the photo is beautiful, and the scarfs are tartan…what more could you want!

Til next time when hopefully I’ll have a chaise longue update and/or another of my personal loves, scandi chic!

madebybracken x

Ps. As per, these pics aren’t mine, nor do I claim them to be. All taken from my board on Pinterest!


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