Flower power!

As I have no exciting chair progress to share this week I thought I would instead focus on interior design for a few posts. I have been watching the Great Interior Design challenge on BBC2 and for every room wondering what I would do and whether I too would think of the same ideas. Obviously I kindly delude myself that my design would be an unparalleled success and I would romp to victory but in all seriousness it has reignited, certainly not a lost love, but one that was hiding away. Thus, drumroll please…… I have decided to revamp my flat. I long for the day that I can combine interiors with my upholstery but I have no experience and thus have set my self the task of making my flat gorgeous so I can at least have a base to show some sort of skill in the field I so love! I have a diploma from the Interior Design Institute in London but no practical work. Yes I have tried to get work experience but with no joy. Besides I found upholstery which happily combines both these things really!
So with this is mind and the fact that it is January it got me thinking about the yearly predictions of interior trends that pop up every year around this time. I have a subscription to LivingEtc and buy lots of home magazines and every month they suggest a new must have colour or item of furniture. Apparently neon furniture is making a comeback….I’m not sure how many people are brave enough to buy on bright pink plastic chair but this is on trend. Don’t get me wrong, I love pink and I like neon colours but they will be playing no part in my flat design. The key to styling your own house is filling it with things you love and doing it with confidence. As in the case of nearly everything a little confidence can go along way. If you want a neon pink chair in your living room, go for it but not apologetically, it’s loud, it’s proud and you should love it!
Stick with the things you love and it can never be out of style. I have some interior design trends of my own that I love and regardless of fashion will always find a place in my scheme. Today I will share my love of florals. I am guessing anyone who regularly reads my blog would be wholly unsurprised by this announcement given the name of my blog and the fact my cushions are all flower designs! But I love floral print anywhere as these marvellous inspiration pics are testimony too. Again no credit for pics, all taken from Pinterest or Houzz. Merely sharing the joy!

Gorgeous fabric and wallpaper from Timorous Beasties showing a bold floral print in a demure colour which could fit easily in many home designs.

Just adore this wallpaper. Perfect for a hallway to add interest and a small print which won’t over power the space.

This is probably my favourite wallpaper at present, I think because it goes so beautifully with the grey of the lamp and paint work…I love grey.

Such a beautiful idea and although I know not an original one this has just been executed so perfectly that I am in love. We have stairs in my flat and if I could do this I would. I can’t, it’s rented but I can dream!

This I found on Pinterest and I love love love the fabric. I don’t know where it’s from because if I did, it would be in serious contention for my level 3 chair. I have a vase my boyfriend bought me which is navy blue with pink flowers and it is my prized possession, you know the thing I’d save from a fire. This the fabric equivalent.

Again this is a gorgeous idea and one which would be so beautiful round the door to a baby’s nursery. I fear this would be a girly step too far for the boyfriend at present but now I have seen this done, I can’t unsee it and it’s just so pretty!

Have saved my own personal favourite for last. It may appear that I love all colours, mainly because I keep claiming I do, however I have 3 main ones, grey, blue and white which act as the backdrop for the multitude of colours I want in my house. This photo is the epitome of everything I love, floral print upholstered chairs, a large wooden dining table, industrial style pendant lighting and white walls so as to best show off the colours of the fabric…perfection.

So there we have it, the tip of the iceberg on the floral trend that continues to flourish in every aspect of the home and a major style love of my own. Next time…tartan! You have been warned.

madebybracken x


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