down to business!

After my little resolution blog it’s maybe time to talk about the business of upholstery and I do mean the business side! On Monday I sent in my application for a bursary from Creative Scotland. I need some help getting this thing started. It is hard going. As a fledgling business with not much money to put into it, I am finding it hard to compete with those who have the money initially to start. Here’s me in my spare room, with a couple of pennies to rub together and not even a staple gun to my name. I know, smallest violin in the world playing just for me. I suppose this means I just have to work that little bit harder which was the point I so eloquently made in my last post.
I am finding the whole business thing challenging though, as I have no clue how it all works…I need a PR person and someone good with dealing with the public to help me out….any willing volunteers!?As previously stated I find it hard to put myself out there, I actively avoid putting too much stuff on Facebook incase people de friend me because they are so bored! Yet I have not deleted the people on my page who like to share their endeavours. In fact one girl takes internet quotes, gets them printed and stuck in an ikea frame and has 1000 likes and I have 60. This I believe is in large part due to self promotion. I have spent hours and hours designing my cushions, choosing fabrics and working on my upholstery but not really showing it to the world. However in the spirit of my non resolution resolutions I have just emailed Business Gateway who can hopefully help a beginner and eternal introvert like me make her way in a world she knows nothing about!
Look out world, I’m a coming!

So what upholstery/design wisdom do I have to impart today…well while trying to start this business I sometimes feel you fight against the perception that what I do isn’t hard. Upholstery is something that people think they can do easily themselves. Believe me,you can’t. Yes you might have recovered a piano stool with a piece of cloth once but you aren’t truly an upholster until your hands are raw from lashing down springs and you have spent 5 hours picking staples out of a chair. It’s a craft, a skill and it’s time consuming. Oh yes and expensive! I am 31, for the most part I have friends who are younger than me. They aren’t in the position to pay for proper upholstery which is completely fair enough. One acquaintance though asked me to make a chair, seeming genuinely astounded when I told her I can’t produce a chair from thin air. Even more shocked that it might cost in the hundreds to strip, reupholster and recover said armchair. Maybe because of this I am a less enticing proposition than the £5 motivational quote! But upholstery done correctly is beautiful, and entirely worth the money. I can take a chair from the skip and turn it into a piece of furniture that can last for another 25 years, and if your tastes change in that time, a recover can turn it back into a piece that you will love and others will covet. So while I may be struggling to get myself off the ground, I love what I’m doing and the beauty of the process. To that end here are some of my favourite chairs, chairs that I covet!

These chairs are taken from my favourite ever website Houzz and I cannot take any credit for the photos or the upholstery. Just putting that disclaimer out there.

I adore this chaise, I adore the colour and I adore the fabric. Most of all I adore the whole room. To the extent that this room features in a folder marked ‘my house’ because one day I too will have this glorious room with Farrow and Ball wallpaper. Where I shall recline on the burnt orange chaise longue that I will have made!

Again this is a love of the whole room but in general terms, a deep love and envy of the sheer cosyness of it. Me and my boyfriend do not easily fit on our couch together, him being 6ft3 and all but this would be perfect! Maybe you think the whole L shaped couch is a bit done to death but I love it.


A bit of shameless girlyness now. I love pink. There I said it. In the right setting with the right accent colours it can be gorgeous and striking. This chair just looks so comfy and so gorgeous that I wish I as curled up in it now writing this. I fear I am going to one day live in the house of 100 chairs without any other piece of furniture getting a look in. Oh but with amazing wallpaper because that is another of my one true loves.
Now I could share all 62 of the chairs that currently reside in my favourites folder but don’t worry, I won’t……..Primarily because I wouldn’t want anyone to I know to steal my house ideas!

Til next time,

madebybracken x


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