Foiled again!

I begin today a little less depressed than last time. Primarily because I have my fabric and it is correct and I will be able to make a lot of cushions from it. I have also ordered 2m of my fern print in miniature half drop pattern for the back of my level 2 exam piece. This is all marvellous. I have managed to make some cushions. Whoop whoooop!
In the land of upholstery my parents chaise continues to taunt me with its sheer complexity and the the fact that my two cats have taken a liking to it. They like to perch on the scroll arm that I slaved over for 4 hours. I would remove them from the room if it weren’t for the fact the boy cat hurls himself at the door until it opens or just scratches relentlessly until my ears start to bleed! So the fact that I have two cats wondering around whilst trying to work out what goes where is just making matters a little troublesome.

My exam chair has however come on leaps and bounds.

Obviously I can only spend time on it at my course but it has been a rather marvellous introduction to the world of modern upholstery. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited about doing traditional again on my large arm chair but this has been a pleasure. Until that is, I decided to buy the most gorgeous Morlich wool for the front and seat and of course, i went for tartan.

This fabric is so beautiful (and expensive) that it took me about an hour to pluck up the courage to cut it. I then placed it on making sure all the lines were straight and in the correct place and began to staple. I got almost all the way round when I realised it wasn’t straight! Oh dear dear me…trying to pick staples out of £90 fabric is not fun, however the chair is really beginning to take shape.


So far so good you think and then…in slightly more depressing news (because of course life couldn’t just go swimmingly could it?) I went online to buy my Harris tweed. I discovered that this colour is out of stock and will not be available until January 2014. So I spent 4 weeks waiting for my own fabric to be exactly colour matched to a fabric that I cannot currently buy!I may scream. In fact I have. A small tear may also have been shed. I have since spent the past two hours trying to find this colour from other sources only to discover the one place that does sell it sells it double the price and half the width. Another small scream is currently reverberating round my room. Is this the universe telling me to stop?’we don’t want your bloody cushions’ it yells as I plough on regardless, and plough on I shall. Just at an embarrassingly slow rate while the world lays down enormous annoying hurdles I must jump!
I believe there is a saying that goes along the lines of, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Life has given me lemons, a citrus grove full of them! Ahh well, I will find a way, even as I type I believe I may have found a woman in Lewis who makes a not dissimilar shade. I must away and see if I buy some, all of it preferably!

Until next time,
madebybracken x


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