a crushing blow!

Today was going to be a light hearted and cheerful blog day about my upholstery class and the joy of modern upholstery techniques which have allowed me to take a chair from this

To this…

…in an alarmingly short period of time.
‘Twas not to be. I awoke to an email from the people who print my fabric informing me my roll of fabric was ready to collect. This brought joy and happiness to my heart which was quickly cut short when I arrived and inspected my fabric. It is the wrong colour. The green colour is fine but given I only ordered 4 cushions worth of the green you can imagine my slight upset at being confronted with my now brown designs. They were purple/red as I hope can be confirmed in my previous post. They are now brown. Now the only good news in this scenario is I realised at some point I must have grown a back bone! In years gone by I would have smiled politely, said it was perfect, paid, taken said fabric home and wept. To myself. Not now, oh no, I have definitely grown up. I was pleasant of course but quite insistent that this was wrong. I knew from the second I saw it.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not horrible, it’s just not what I ordered and I am pretty gutted. Gutted because it’s the wrong colour, gutted because I now have to order yet more fabric which will take 2 weeks and may still turn out brown, gutted because I have orders and I need to fulfil them and gutted because there will be no Etsy shop in my very near future and no approaching shops to see if they want to stock my cushions! That’s a lot of being gutted. I am also left with the slight sinking feeling that the people who print may claim this is just a tonal difference and to be expected. They are really nice so I am crossing my fingers that they won’t. Mainly because I cannot afford to pay for this fabric on top of a whole new batch.
This is a comparison. As the guy from the print place correctly pointed out there may be differences due to the lighting….I am not sure lighting in my house would change something to an entirely new colour!



So rather than extolling the many virtues of modern upholstery I am instead going to weep into my BROWN fabric and panic about the fact that Yuletide celebrations are just around the corner and I have only 4 lovely green cushions to sell.

Till next time,

From a slightly depressed
madebybracken x


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