a nervous wait

Today I am sitting anxiously awaiting a phone call from an Edinburgh based company called Made from Scotland, who messaged me on twitter and were keen to talk about my designs. Its one of those occasions where you literally don’t move for fear that the phone may ring whilst you are merrily soaping yourself in the shower! As such I am sitting in pjs and haven’t eaten for fear the kettle boiling will somehow mask the shrill (extremely loud) ringing of my phone! 

I am apprehensive as I am slightly clueless on how these things work and also for the fact that my fabric is still being printed and is not resembling any sort of cushion form at all. Also for the fact that for one of the designs has been snapped up by my sisters and thus I will have to order yet more. The Centre for Advanced Textiles in Glasgow have been brilliant at helping me but there is always slight time differences in how long something will take to be printed. I think they wait until they have enough people ordering print on a certain fabric and then put that roll on the printer. That makes perfect sense really but just means you could be waiting a couple of days, or weeks dependant on the cycle of your chosen fabric!!

So that means that I am glued to my seat without any actual product on hand to display to discuss selling my designs online when I haven’t even got an Etsy shop up and running or anything…feels slightly terrifying!

I also have an extremely long project to write about the `history of textiles and hide in upholstery’ which I must start now-ish but being a person of a nervous disposition (to say the least) i literally cannot focus on it right now!!

I will write again when me and the CEO have had our chat. I need to just remind myself that this is an info chat and not some sort of interview…least I hope so. 

Keep your fingers crossed,

madebybracken x


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