I’m back!!!

It has been around 2 months since I last wrote a blog. I can only really say that this was because I felt I had nothing interesting to say. The process of trying to design, print and make cushions is a lengthy and expensive one and it is only really now that I am feeling any sort of progress. Therefore I am back and ready to blog!!
In the past month I have started my level 3 upholstery course and have been diligently practising my sewing technique. One of the components of the assessment is a t cushion for an armchair which if you have ever done before you will know, is not easy. It perhaps doesn’t help when you have to practice on a sewing machine that isn’t yours. I have found that I am quite attached to my little machine and don’t like ones where I feel I have no control! So the t cushion is currently my Everest but with practice comes perfection….or so I hope. With regards to my upholstery itself, I have been struggling a little with a chaise longue belonging to my parents. I may have mentioned it before and I am still attempting to do that. Slowly but surely is the way. The good news on that front is that they have no room for it currently so aren’t desperate for it back! Upholstery plus my soft furnishings are what I would ideally like my business to be but the cushion designs are currently taking over my life! That little line of cushions that is meant to help tide me over while I get upholstery work has become a bit of an obsession for me and I love seeing them come together.
This is a few from the range-

br />




I am desperate to open my Etsy shop but wanted to have the full range up there before I did. I have just ordered lots more of my material and thus I will hope to open it as soon as possible! I have been saying this for months but for the first time it seems like a reality. I am also hoping to finish my two dining room chairs with the possibility of putting them up for sale as well. They are tartan and quite Scottish looking so hopefully will fit in with everything else.
I am going to blog with alarming frequency now! You have been warned!

Til next time…

madebybracken x


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