Singing, coughing & cushions!

I have spent the majority of this week in a wee sorry state. I appear to have the weirdest flu like thing and have been trying to recuperate all this week as I am currently singing in the Edinburgh Festival. Yes along with my interior/upholstery love I also really love singing and therefore am part of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus and we sing each year in the festival with v famous conductors and orchestras! I very much enjoy it but it is actually easier to get time off work than it is to take time off singing…if you don’t attend rehearsals then you don’t get to sing in the concert. This is fair enough but most inconvenient when you sound like a dying seal attempting a high A and have a hacking cough in all the quiet and atmospheric moments! Soo basically this week has been spent trying to feel better so I can sing in the Brahms Requiem.
I have however managed to progress some more on the cushion and fabric front. I ordered labels from Bags of Love and I have to say the service was really good. Literally arrived the next day and they are really good quality and I can’t wait to put them in my sample cushions.


I have also managed to order some fabric for my cushion backs. I absolutely love a Morlich wool from a company called Fabric and Papers but at £92 per metre it is perhaps a little out of range at the beginning of my company’s journey!So I have decided a nice Harris tweed is the way forward. Quality tweed, slightly more affordable and of course Scottish! Although this is a very slow process I am getting closer and closer to being able to open my Etsy shop which can only be good!!!


madebybracken x


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