My fabric


I am back and thrilled to show my new fabric design. This was the one of my designs I took to Glasgow School of Art, Centre for Advanced Textiles and was the first to be digitally printed onto a gorgeous linen fabric. I am pretty thrilled with how it turned out. This design will be used for long rectangular shaped pillows perfect for along the back of a couch. I need to spend some time deciding what fabric to use for the back as I want it to tie in with my Scottish flower design but not look twee!!!
I am completely computer illiterate so this has meant that I will probably have to spend a small fortune getting all my other designs suitably ready for digital printing but if these cushions turn out as well as I hope they will then I am willing to spend money to make money.
I have taken my inspiration from Scottish flowers because I really do love anything floral…but also because I adore my country. It’s so beautiful and I love all the colours and tartans and tweed that can be used in both my upholstery work and my new fabric designs! I am hopeful that when I finally open my Etsy shop, other people feel the same way that I do.
Currently printed in green as above and this dark brown almost purple colour, I think it will look quite striking in any colour.


look forward to sharing more designs,

madebybracken x


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