End of Level 2


I have been very bad at keeping up with my blogging of late, primarily due to the fact that I was trying to get everything finished for my course. So now everything has been done and I can breathe a sigh of relief. Well not really…I have my open day at the course on the 30th of |June and it is at this point that we actually learn the marks we have got and whether indeed we have passed the course of not. Given that this is done in front of your family and friends, everyone who did the course and all their family and friends, it would be fairly humiliating to fail!!! This is my finished chair, beautifully resplendent in ‘Anouskha’ fabric from Voyage. The chair is for sale, £295 or nearest offer!

I have mixed feelings about finishing level 2, part of me feels like I have learnt a lot but another part thinks I could do with another year on the traditional upholstery and then move on to the more modern techniques. In exciting news though I had a wee meeting with an upholsterers in Edinburgh and they are willing to take me on and help me hone my skills, an apprenticeship if you will! I am excited and nervous about that as apparently their other apprentice trained in France where they have to train for 7 years. Makes my one day a week in fife seem rather meagre in comparison! However I am not going to learn unless I start from somewhere.

I am not sure if I mentioned in previous blogs that I had taken a screen printing course and my fabric had failed. The course leader has been woeful about getting back to me and reimbursing me for all the money I wasted but finally she has given my fabric back and I can hopefully get on with starting my own wee range of cushions and fabric! that’s the dream anyway… an interiors/upholstery service is my main aim in life!!! I am going to look into getting my fabric printed at the Glasgow School of Art printing centre as they have a good reputation and I want the best of the best for my fabric!!

I will endeavour to keep this blog much more updated. I seem to do better at Twitter so check out my substantially smaller musings and photos on @madebybracken.

I have another new chair project in the pipeline as I have found the perfect warehouse that sells old chairs and tables only minutes from my house. I will write about that in my next post.

madebybracken x



One thought on “End of Level 2

  1. Ahhhh – wish I could afford the chair, it’s so beautiful! That’s so exciting about your apprenticeship – where is the upholsterers that you are going to be based at? Would it be a full time thing? Sounds fantastic! So, what happened with your fabric – did the screen printing process just not work? I don’t know anything about screen printing, but it’s always something I’ve wanted to have a go at. One of many, many things however, and my drawing etc. skills are terrible, so I can’t imagine I’d be very good at the design side of it! I will look forward to seeing your cushions etc when you’ve got them up and running! x

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