Upholstery and me

007 />< I have chosen to do upholstery primarily because I love making things. A slight control freak I enjoy the absolute control you have over whether something becomes both beautiful and practical again or whether it lasts 5 mins and falls apart. The sight of an old chair just begging to be brought to life and knowing I have or at least am learning the skills to do it, is an awesome feeling. I am a person who knows what they like and how i think things should look. I was drawn to interior design due to the fact that literally every room I go into, there are things I want to change or ways I know it could look better. It happens everywhere I go and in almost every room I see. Including my own. A rented flat is not conducive to ones own personal style and gorgeous as my flat is, I would like to rip everything out and start again. A bit dramatic but exactly how I feel when I go in and see the hideous falling apart ikea coffee table! My cupboards down stairs are literally full of things I have bought or are waiting to do up for when I finally own my own flat. That will be the best day ever!

Sooo upholstery is a little piece of that feeling taken and used in the most practical way. I see a chair I like but would change, and I can. Plus I can do it for other people, an old chair that they love but had lost its will to live can be revived with a lot of love and a bit of cash! The transformations are incredible really. These two chairs were sitting outside my local cafe/bar.  The webbing was broken and the the seats sunken and fabric dated but they were perfect for my course and thus I took them. After respectfully asking the manager of course. Now look at them (i say them, the other one is being done in due course). Entirely stripped, wood cleaned, new webbing, traditionally upholstered and re-covered in the most gorgeous Art of the Loom 'Orchard Fruit' fabric. Beautiful. This is why I do what I do.


2 thoughts on “Upholstery and me

  1. Totally love the chair – the fabric is stunning. But remind me to never let you into our flat…..you’d be appalled……we DO have a set of inherited-from-a-garage chairs that could do with a re-upholster though…..

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