Me, myself and I

Well this is all a bit new for me. My sister decided a blog would be good for me and here I am, trying to work out how to use this and what to say. Basically I am probably going to talk alot about chairs, interior design, wallpaper, colour….ooh and of course my own designs. I am currently undertaking an Associated Masters of Upholstery and Soft Furnishings Level 2 qualification and at the same time trying to design my own fabric which I can I can use for cushions and hopefully covering furniture. Having never done this before, I am not sure if it is customary to ramble on about yourself, and yet I probably will..for this first one at least. My dream job would be an Interior stylist,an upholsterer and fabric designer….hmmmm bit ambitious some might say and yet somehow I will make it happen. I guess this blog will showcase my designs, the progress I am making in my course, the chairs I am working on and interior related things that inspire me. Oh yes and i love paper art too so that might make an appearance. Think thats all for now.

madebybracken x


One thought on “Me, myself and I

  1. Hello! I tracked you down! 🙂 Great first post – I want to see some pics though! Show us your lovely designs and upholstery! I will stop doing smiley faces now, I spend too much time online talking to Americans…..

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